What People are Saying

“I believe this has to be one of the finest community choruses in the U.S.!”

Detroit is talking about the CCD!  We’re excited to share these thoughts and comments from both choristers and audience members:

“The CCD is the best thing that’s happened to me for a long time. The CCD has made Detroit home for me – more than any other activity in which I’ve participated. I’ve sung with the chorus since its inception, and I encourage anyone who loves to sing, who loves to sing with other people, to join. And the word “community” does not just speak to the fact that it’s in Detroit. It speaks to building and encouraging community in the real village sense of the word.  Everyone should join the CCD!” – a CCD chorister

“This group is wonderful!!  Everyone is very open and welcoming.  Our conductor is spectacular.  He’s energetic and capable of commanding this group with poise and creativity.  Diane Linn, our Executive Director, is a beautiful person; so warm, always with a genuine smile and a readiness to help in any way.” – a CCD chorister

“The chorus found the truth of the music in its performance, and I can think of no higher compliment to pay a choir.” – a CCD friend retired from an international opera career, in response to a CCD concert

“Thank you so much for a phenomenal performance on Friday evening.  Next year I’ll be sure to bring tissue with me because I was literally brought to tears.” – a CCD concert attendee

“I really want to sing in the chorus because when I first heard them, I cried, it was so beautiful, and I want the audience to do the same if I were to sing, too.” – a teen audience member

“We feel compelled to let you know that we had never seen a live performance of Handel’s Messiah…but we want you to know that for the rest of our lives, we will associate your wonderful performance in that beautiful place of worship with the musical masterpiece.  You’ve touched our lives in a lovely way.” – audience members after the CCD’s performance of Messiah

“I believe this has to be one of the finest community choruses in the U.S.!” – a CCD friend, a gifted accompanist and accomplished, knowledgeable musician with a lifetime career in professional music